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Salsa vs ChaCha in TLS

30 November 2013

From this thread, what seems to be the main opposing argument against the choice of ChaCha as new cipher in TLS is that Salsa20 presents the advantage of already being standardized in the eSTREAM portfolio.

Twitter's TLS Forward Secrecy Implementation

23 November 2013

Jacob Hoffman-Andrews detailing Twitter's TLS session tickets implementation for session resumption with forward secrecy:

We have a set of key generator machines, of which one is the leader. The leader generates a fresh session ticket key every twelve hours and zeroes old keys after thirty-six hours. Keys are stored in tmpfs (a RAM-based filesystem), with no swap partitions configured. It's important that there be no swap, because tmpfs will use swap if available, which could write keys to long-term disk storage.

Every five minutes, our frontends fetch the latest ticket keys from a key generator machine via SSH.

ECC 2013 summer school on Elliptic and Hyperelliptic Curve Cryptography

23 November 2013

The course is intended for graduate students in cryptography and mathematics. Introductory topics on elliptic curves and cryptographic applications will be covered, with an emphasis on providing a strong background in support of the research talks at ECC.

Slides are available online and it's very good, it covers the main fields related to EC.

And, don't miss the rule 34 of crypto from the lecture on pairings:

Rule 34 of crypto. If you can think of a crypto scenario, there is already a pairing-based article about it.


22 November 2013

Initial post.